Part of Messer World

Along with Messer Group and ASCO Carbon Dioxide, “Part of Messer World also includes the businesses of Messer Cutting Systems, BIT and Spectron Gas Control Systems - as well as Messer Medical Home Care. All of them provide specialized products for different applications to optimize production processes, prolong the life of equipment and improve the quality of production materials.


BIT is a production development, manufacturing and service partner for diagnostic medical technology.

Messer Medical Homecare

MMHCH regards itself as a service provider which looks after patients in the home environment.

Messer Cutting Systems

Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of autogenous, plasma and laser cutting equipment and partner for the metal processing industry.

Spectron Gas Control Systems

SpectronGas Control Systems is a leading specialist in gas supply systems.

ASCO Kohlensäure

ASCO Carbon Dioxide is a provider of individual and complete CO2 solutions.