Vision, Mission and Values


Messer is the largest family-run industrial gas specialist and present in the relevant markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We act sustainably to meet the needs of our customers in accordance with our collective responsibility for people, progress and the environment.


In 2004, the "Dubrovnik Treaty" made clear that our corporate-wide mission statement encompasses our vision, mission and values under which Messer will operate from there. Today we can say: we have succeeded in shaping a vibrant corporate culture from the words in that contract.

For this special development, we are indebted to our staff. Thanks to their hard work and loyalty, they were able to unleash the strength behind this vision, this mission, and these values. More than that, a guiding principle emerged that could propel our success beyond our business units and borders wherever they might be.

This is Messer and this is our way.


Messer is an important industrial gases group in its core markets of Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Messer is and will remain an independent family-run business. We think and act decisively for a long term and measure ourselves by our sustained success.

Together with our partners and associated companies in the field of fusion and cutting technologies, gas supply systems as well as precision instrumentation we develop synergies and meet our customers’ needs expertly, reliably and with a flair for innovation.

This is what makes us the first choice for our customers and employees.


As an owner-managed family business with a rich tradition we are focused on the future whilst taking into account the different conditions in our existing markets. We also use our experience and expertise to building up our position in new markets.

Ranging from acetylene to xenon we offer our customers a wide range of technical and medical gases and food and specialty gases. Our product range is completed by our excellent services and state-of-the-art technical plants and equipment.

In our highly modern technology centers, we work together with our customers to develop application technologies for the use of gases in almost every industry, in food technology, medicine, science and research.

Our efficient and dedicated employees, our flexibility and the closeness we feel to our customers in local markets makes us their preferred partner.

Through entrepreneurial flair, farsighted thinking and the continuous improvement of our processes, we create added value for our customers and so, secure our mutual success in the long term.

Solid finances and fair profits guarantee our independence and support sustainable growth.


Customer orientation

We are focused on the individual requirements of our customers and help them to improve their competitiveness and their performance.


Our actions are based on technical expertise, innovation, flexibility and the ability to make quick decisions.

Corporate responsibility

By responsibly managing our resources and applying the talents of our employees we are increasing the worth of our company in the long term.

Employee orientation

We train, develop and promote motivated and efficient employees with integrity. 

We expect our employees to be resourceful and responsible team players.

Mutual trust and respect

We believe that cooperation is based on trust, sincerity, transparency and frank communication. 

We respect and abide by the culture and social customs of the countries in which we work.

Responsible behavior

  • Safety: we are committed to the safety of our staff and the safe production, handling and use of our products.
  • Health: we set working standards that ensure sound health and well-being for every individual.
  • Environmental Protection: as a member of the wider society, we are committed to protecting the environment.