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Shielding and Laser gases

In welding technologies, gas-shielded arc welding, including the TIG, MIG Plasma and MAG processes, plays an important role. In fact, the efficiency of these processes and the quality of the weld bead depend essentially on the welding gas.

While introducing gas-shielded arc welding, only a few unique gases were typically used, such as pure argon for TIG and MIG welding, and pure carbon dioxide for MAG welding today. Today, gas mixtures predominate.

The diversity of these standardized gas mixtures is now very large because argon and CO2  are no longer the only possible components, but also oxygen, helium, hydrogen and nitrogen. Messer's customer service for welding gases can guide you in your choices and give you demonstrations.

Messer markets its range of shielding gases in a clearly structured system under standardised corporate brand names based on the raw material being processed:

Ferroline - Shielding gases for plain and low-alloy steels 
Inoxline - Shielding gases for high-alloy steels 
Aluline - Shielding gases for aluminium and non-ferrous metals