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Career opportunities

Messer in Vietnam, is a member of the Messer Group in Germany and an international provider of industrial gases, special gases, medical gases, cutting, welding and surface treatment.
We introduce a dynamic and challenging working environment, focusing primarily on human resource training and career development. At Messer, our employees are the most important asset.
Safe and healthy working environment: we respect the rules and procedures established to protect the health and safety of our employees.
Equal opportunity for all employees: We maintain a policy of fair work opportunities for all employees and candidates.

Vision and Goals

We consider ourselves a proficient business partner for innovation and management of human resources.

Design and support change processes at the organizational and personal level

Simplify, standardize, accelerate employee manipulation.

Support management with tools.

Increase awareness, personal and social potential of management.


Specialist - Change factor - Business partners and Services


The prize is oriented - The future is oriented - Persuasive - Practical - Fluent - Innovative - Effective

Encouragement policy

In addition to basic salary, we also recommend to employees many different incentive policies with attractive market-based income and success factors.