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Messer in Vietnam

Messer in Vietnam:

Over 22 years experience in Vietnam
3 legal entities, present in all the main Economic Zones of Vietnam
9 locations
Production and distribution of all kind of industrial gases (Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, compressed gases, specialty gases, electronic gases, rare gases…)
342 employees
Total investment > 200 Mio USD


1997  Founding of Messer Haiphong Industrial Gases Co., Ltd.

2004  Construction of 200 bar gas filling station & gas laboratory in the South

2007  Signs 25 year-contract to supply industrial gases to Hoa Phat Steel Co., Ltd.

2009  Establishment of a filling plant in Vung Tau

2010  Establishment of Air Separation Unit (ASU) in Hai Duong

2011  Construction of CO2-Recovery Plant in Binh Phuoc

2012  Founding of Messer Binh Phuoc Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. in the South

2013  Start up 2nd ASU in September

2016  Start up 3rd ASU in February and First Nitrogen Generator in October

2019  Start up of the biggest ASU in Vietnam (Dung Quat)
          Start up of the
4th ASU in the North
          Start up of a new nitrogen
generator in Ha Nam