With a wide variety of industrial gases products, Messer will meet most of the gas needs of customers


The proportion of oxygen in the air around us accounts for 21%.


Oxygen is produced from a gas separation process at Messer.

Storage and Delivery

In liquid form, Oxygen is stored in tanks and delivered to customers by trucks and ISO tank. Messer has a fleet of ISO-tank trucks, containers and storage tanks that are always ready to meet all your needs.

Health and Safety

At ambient temperature, oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas that is oxidizing. At temperature -183°C, oxygen will liquefy. At temperature -218.9°C oxygen becomes solid. At atmospheric pressure, liquid oxygen has a volume that is 854 times smaller than that of gaseous oxygen. That is why bulk oxygen is often delivered and stored in cold liquids. Due to this property of oxygen, safety instructions should be followed when handling oxygen.

Applying in Industrial

The most important application of oxygen is its reaction. Some substances do not react with oxygen. Oxidation and combustion occur more rapidly in oxygen-rich environments than in natural gas. Therefore, oxygen is an indispensable gas in many industrial fields. In addition, oxygen is not only necessary for the metabolism of the organism, but it is also soluble in water. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of water treatment and the environment.