With a wide variety of industrial gases products, Messer will meet most of the gas needs of customers


Nitrogen is a substance present in the air that we breathe every day and accounts for up to 78%.


Nitrogen was produced from the air separation process at Messer

Storage and Delivery

In liquid form, nitrogen is stored in tanks and delivered to customers by trucks and ISO-tank. Messer has a fleet of ISO-tank trucks, containers, and storage tanks that are always ready to meet all your needs.

Health and Safety

At ambient temperature, Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that contains no toxins. In low-temperature applications, this is an inert gas which means very little reaction. Nitrogen is non-flammable and can prevent combustion. Additionally, in its nitrogen-rich form, it can be asphyxiated by the removal of oxygen necessary for respiration. At atmospheric pressure, nitrogen liquefies at -196°C. Due to this nature of nitrogen, the safety instructions for handling nitrogen should be followed.

Applying in Industrial

According to research, in industry, nitrogen applications are diverse. Most of them are using liquid nitrogen, for example a refrigerant, or in the form of a gas as inert gas. After use, excess nitrogen is returned to the air where it serves as the main ingredient.