With a wide variety of industrial gases products, Messer will meet most of the gas needs of customers


Hydrogen is the lightest of any gases. More than two-thirds of the world's hydrogen production is used by the chemical industry mainly for the synthesis of ammonia and methanol. In addition, the chemical industry exploits a lot of what is known as the hydrogenation process. Recently, hydrogen has also been used as an alternative energy solution.

Messer offers a wide range of technologies for the production of hydrogen and syngas, with the optimal process choice depending on the factors. Applications include, volume and purity requirements. The experts from Messer are always ready to advise you on this.

Electronic Reform or PSA

For customers who consume small quantities of hydrogen or those who do not have an on-site alternative source, Messer offers electrolytic equipment for hydrogen production with capacities between 0.5 and 100. Nm3 / h. These equipments, tailor-made by Messer, are modular in design, providing maximum flexibility in planning or expansion. Hydrogen purity of 99.9% or more can be achieved, thus meeting even the high purity standards of the food, electronics and chemical industries.

The steam improvement methods use natural gas as a feedstock and can be used for both small and large hydrogen units. With the so-called steam reform process, the raw material is mixed with the process steam, heated to about 480 ° C and then separated in a converter using a nickel-based catalyst. . In the CO Displacement Reactor, in which carbon monoxide (CO) reacts with H2O to form H2 and CO2 (catalytic conversion), the concentration of refined hydrogen increases.

The hydrogen-rich gas is then cooled in several stages and the condensation process is separated. Finally, hydrogen is purified in a multi-stage PSA unit. It leaves PSA units under pressure from 15 to 30 bar and has purity up to 99.9995%.

For companies that already have hydrogen supplies but require a higher purity for downstream use, Messer can supply the PSA hydrogen units as separate units. They obtain a stream of hydrogen-rich gas and convert it to high-purity hydrogen (> 99,999%).

The PSA hydrogen unit can be integrated into an existing customer setup and operate fully automatically, with the number of adsorption layers (tanks) depending on the H2 flux.

Hydrogen product is available with constant flow, pressure and temperature values.