Market and Application



All molded rubber parts have several types of cutters. There are two main processes for blurring parts:

• Cut, reduce

• Spray cut

Block blurring is used for simple rubber molds with a cutting system only on the outside of the part. The hugging machine is removed by rolling the parts in a cup. The process can be enhanced using an actuation medium such as a steel ball, chain or brush.

Deflector cutters are used for more complex parts (eg with excess detail in the inner holes or the lower part). Means for cutting and cutting are steel or polycarbonate pellets.


To eliminate excess detail, components are cooled using liquid nitrogen to embrace rubber. The parts are then processed in a dimming machine.


Messer has a team of internal and external experts to deal with challenges together with customers. We usually perform tests until we meet customer expectations and give them a perfect choice.


Your advantage when working with Messer

• Increased productivity compared to manual dimming

• Reduce customer rejections

• Suitable even for parts with complex shapes

• Smooth treatment because of specially tuned blast vehicle